Amateur Radio Emergency Services, also known as ARES, is composed of licensed radio amateurs who voluntarily register their qualifications and equipment for communications duty in the public service, when disaster strikes.

This means that as a radio amateur, you can register to help with communications effort whether during a natural disaster, a missing person or during many other emergency situations. This is not only a crucial service, but gives indivuduals the ability to help when disaster strikes.

The Peace Country Amateur Radio Club is highly involved with ARES here in the Peace Country and are always willing to help when needed. Many of our members find this a rewarding and fulfilling volunteer opportunity. We are committed to safety and ensuring that emergency response communications are managed to the highest standard, and would love everyone with an amateur radio operator certificate to get involved with ARES.




Who Can Volunteer with ARES

Every single licensed radio amateur can gain membership in the Amateur Radio Emergency Services. So, whether you are or are not a member of RAC or any other local or regional organization, with your radio amateur license you are able to join ARES. The only qualification that they require is a desire to serve and help. It is also good to note that though the possession of emergency-powered equipment is desirable, it is not required.

Training for ARES in the Peace Country

Our members and administrators at the Peace Country Amateur Radio Club provide extensive training for ARES in the Peace Country. So wherever you are in Valleyview, Grande Prairie or Beaverlodge, training is close and accessible. We also provide training in conjunction with Grande Prairie’s Technical Search and Rescue (TSR).

Why Get Involved With ARES in Grande Prairie

Amateur Radio Emergency Services are always in need of people who recognize how crucial amateur radio is as a service in times of emergency. This service matters greatly to the public and agencies when disaster strikes. This is because communications, electricity and power can easily go down during emergencies, and are often the first to fail.

Obtaining Your Amateur Radio Operator Certificate

If you have not obtained your Amateur Radio Operator Certificate, please contact the Peace Country Amateur Radio Club today!

Our History with ARES